8800gt sli vs gtx 260 driver

Based on 12,420 user benchmarks for the nvidia geforce 8800 gt and the gtx 260, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 635 gpus. Geforce r300 drivers are packed with new industryleading. The geforce gtx 260 was released less than a year after the geforce 8800 gt, and so they are likely to have similar driver support for optimizing performance when running the latest games. Ive had 8800ultra and 2 x gtx 280 and their drivers are excellent, no jokes here all my favourite games are solid. Compare all that to the geforce gtx 260, which makes use of a 65 nm design. Based on 10,843 user benchmarks for the nvidia geforce 8800 gts and the gtx 260, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 636 gpus. Sli with geforce gtx 260 oc the fastest 3d cards go head. It also uses a 384bit bus, and makes use of a 90 nm design. The geforce gtx 260 was released less than a year after the 8800 gts, and so they are likely to have similar driver support for optimizing performance when running the latest games.

Now i know the 8800gt9800gt isnt all that much faster but the fact they were tied in. Geforce gtx 280, geforce gtx 275, geforce gtx 260, geforce gts 250. Geforce gtx 295, geforce gtx 285, geforce gtx 280, geforce gtx 275, geforce gtx 260, geforce gts 250, geforce gts 240, geforce gt 230, geforce gt 240, geforce gt 220, geforce g210, geforce 210, geforce 205. After reading around a bit it seems that the gtx 570 is in fact a higher performer than 2 gtx 260 s. Discordia is right as i just had the chance to test my 8800gt sli setup with a single gtx 260 216 core, i play at 1680x1050 and found no differance at all with my sli setup to the gtx 260 216 setup at this resoultion even with some aa, both setup were amd rigs so maybe an intel rig would have different results, i dont know i dont really care. The quad sli rig is the fastest, and the geforce 8800 gts sli setup trails the geforce 7900 gtx in sli. Will the motherboard and sli drivers work on windows 7.

Evga is proud to introduce the evga gtx 260 core 216. It looks like i will have a few less shaders 112x2224 vs. Nvidia geforce 8800 gts 512mb sli compare nvidia geforce. Im looking to upgrade my graphics card, i currently have a gtx 260 core 216 and im thinking of either getting a second one to sli. With release 260 drivers, the installation process for 3d vision has. Both the gtx 260 and 8800 gt would be alot better as just single cards. Offering 112 stream processors, core clocks of over 600mhz, up to 64gbs of memory bandwidth, and directx 10 features make this the perfect graphics card for any gaming enthusiast. If anyone is having experience for it, then give me information related to this.

No 4870x2 in cf so its the worlds top end nvidia vs ati mid to low end. The whql driver is intended for all known geforce graphics cards though. Geforce 8800 gtx and gts sli performance update hothardware. Thats why so many people picked up a 2nd cheap 8800gt to have 8800gt sli which was very potent. Trouble is, were about to go prove that doesnt really matter. Supports single gpu and nvidia sli technology on directx 9. Nvidia geforce gtx 260 compare nvidia geforce 8800 gt gpu. I was about to pick up either a 4890 or a 275 until i pickup up a gtx 260 from the shopswap forum. Sli with geforce gtx 260 oc the fastest 3d cards go headto. Hello, i want to know the details about the geforce 8800 gts and nvidia gtx 260 core 216, as i want to select the one for my computer.

Adds support for geforce gtx 660 ti, geforce gtx 660, and geforce gtx 650. Nvidia geforce gtx 280 and gtx 260 unleashed hothardware. This card takes the award winning, 896mbloaded, evga gtx 260 and increases the total processing cores to an incredible 216, compared to 192. The only thing i could find close enough was a 8800gt sli, which completetly destroyed a gtx280 and 4870. I dont want to mess too much with the control panel, because ultimately i want to compare these to the 4890. Back in 2007 i bought a 8800 gtx just for crysis that game was barely playable on full graphics. Is going from an 8800gt sli setup to a single gtx 260 an upgrade, a downgrade or a push.

In a nutshell a single 8800 gt 512 is alot faster than even 7900s in sli, or a gtx 260 insanley faster than even 7950s in sli. How does the 8800 gtx hold up against modern cards. Also, our geforce 8800 gt, 8800 gts 512mb, 9800 gtx and gx2. Built on the 90 nm process, and based on the g80 graphics processor, in its g80300a2 variant, the card supports directx 11. Gtx 570 vs sli gtx 260 extreme overclocking forums. The geforce 8 series is the eighth generation of nvidias geforce line of graphics processing. The 8800 gtx also has 2 sli connector ports, allowing it to support nvidia. So, it cannot be assumed that they will be more less equally powerful than the 8800m gtx sli 9800m gt sli 9800m gtx sli for now. New sli support adds or updates the following sli profiles. Supports single gpu and nvidia sli technology on directx 9 and opengl. It also features a 256bit memory bus, and uses a 6555 nm design. Well im new on the forum so to start hello everyone. Custom modes, custom profiles for sli, custom editing via nhancer.

In other words that resolution can easily be used with sli g92s. Geforce 8800 gtx, geforce 8800 gts 512, geforce 8800 gts, geforce 8800 gt, geforce 8800 gs, geforce 8600 gts, geforce 8600 gt. The 8800 series, codenamed g80, was launched on november 8, 2006 with the release of the geforce 8800 gtx and gts for the highend market. Updates sli profile for tom clancys ghost recon future soldier. This is the first whqlcertified driver from the r295 family of drivers. These drivers come packed with geforceexclusive performance and quality enhancements and are now microsoft whqlcertified. I ask because when i upgraded my sony vaio aio computer, minecraft wont run for my grand kids. Its going to be hard to do a certain setting vs ati, if the same setting is not available just stock for stock right now.

The geforce 8800 gtx was a highend graphics card by nvidia, launched in november 2006. I was wonder would it be smarter for me to buy another 8800 gt to sli or just scrap the whole thing and get a gtx 260. I may in fact have to move up to a single gtx 580 to get what i want. Geforce 8800 gts vs gtx 260 core 216 techarena community. Windows 7 sli for 8800 gt drivers windows 7 help forums. The 8800 gs is a trimmeddown 8800 gt with 96 stream processors and either. Discussion in videocards nvidia geforce started by peerless, jul 26. This driver enables geforce to shield streaming and is also a recommended driver update for the windows 8. Reading up on the new pascal and how amazing it is supposed to be made me think about the 8800, as for its time it was the clear graphic king and even 9800gtx and 280gtx were only minor improvements over that card. Geforce r326 drivers also provide performance increases for a variety of different games.

This is a whql release from the release 260 family of drivers. Geforce 9600 gtgts 250gtx 260 nonreference roundup. Nvidia geforce 8800 gtx specs techpowerup gpu database. Nvidia geforce 8800 gts 512mb compare nvidia geforce gtx. Domu hardware sli dvou geforce 8800 gt a gtx 260 i. Now to the question at hand, my tower has an evga 780i motherboard with 2 8800 gt graphics cards in sli. On most games a gtx 260 sli 9800gx2 mind you i think that is just driver related i dont see how that can be true. A 320 mb gts was released on february 12 and the ultra was released on may 2, 2007.

Geforce 8800 ultra, geforce 8800 gtx, geforce 8800 gts 512. The performance of the gtx 260m sli is in the region of a single gtx 260m, but can be about 40 percent higher depending on application and driver support. This is the second whqlcertified driver from the r304 family of drivers 304. My old computer built several years ago is using an gf 8800 gtx card. Intro the geforce 9600 gt 512mb features a clock speed of 650 mhz and a gddr3 memory frequency of 900 mhz.

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