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Plus whats known as a bandit the mike and will are considered the inside linebackers in this formation, while the sam and bandit are the outside linebackers. On occasion alabama overloads the strong side by aligning the defensive end to the strong tight end side lines up on the inside eye of the tackle, while on the weak side, the end. If the defensive line shifts their alignment with the tight ends position e. The dline wants to free up a large, athletic linebacker corps to make plays all over the field. Formation the alignment of the eleven offensive players front seven term referring to the four defensive linemen and three linebackers. Another great one is to have a friend give commands either forwardreverse and side to side. At trine our defensive staff is very technique conscious. Strong side means the side of the offense that has the tight end, normally on the defenses left.

Te will explode into big, heavy bag to simulate blocking an opponent. We place him there because he is responsible for the a gap on the strong side or b gap on the weak side, depending on the direction of the play. If the offensive lineman recoils in pass protection, the lb steps back and to the outside a few steps offering p ass coverage in the short hook zone. Outside linebackers are usually among the most versatile of defenders on a football field. Among football positions, linebacker is one of the most demanding. Why bobby wagner should win defensive player of the year nfl breakdowns ep. The center will declare his responsibility to the strong side, working with the strong guard and tackle. The success of a linebacker stopping a run play for minimum gain lies in his ability to read the play and react to it without hesitation. Field the wide side of the field when the football is snapped from the hash. The best thing about this defense is that it is strong against all types of offensive attacks. The outside linebacker who is reducing spills the ball toward the appropriate force player. If a tackle or wingback comes at a linebacker from the side with an angle block, the linebacker needs to lean into the. In a 43 defense there are three linebackers on the field in a base set. Alabamas alignment features a nose tackle lined up heads up or over the strong side eye of the center, and two defensive ends lined up over the offensive tackles.

Eventually, a successful linebackers fundamentals will be committed to muscle memory and hell be able to position himself to react to offensive threats with maximum speed and efficiency. Athome football drills top 5 drills for solo football. Nick sabans alabama pass coverages rileykolste football. The defensive line will rush their regular gaps, trying to beat their blockers and get to the quarterback. As your players master this drill, the next player can begin his run after the. The alignment of the linebackers is determined by the strong side of the offense. In this section, youll find our 25 favorite linebacker drills for speed, agility, runstopping, pass rush, tackling, coverage, and interception skills. So his rise to the top of the crop in the nflhes formerly the the highestpaid defensive player in historyis no fluke. The sde 9 will set the edge and pinch the d gap outside the te. While facing the drill director, player starts in a 3point stance with legs straddling. By practicing certain fundamental movements and strategies, a linebacker can begin internalizing his skills.

Perform them on a regular basis to build a strong foundation that will put you in. The sam, or strong side linebacker, will line up on the same side of the tight end, and his responsibility will be c gap on that side of the field. These guys each have a job to do, and the job depends on how they read the play. Some form of this drill is at the core of every linebacker group. All organized into 5 predesigned workout plans you can print out or save to your phone.

Fall on it if theres any doubt at all about whether to scoop or fall on it. On command, lb will backpedal, lateral shuffle, or sprint forward upon the direction of. Behind these guys we have three linebackers, the strong side or sam linebacker sl, the middle or mike linebacker ml, and the weak side or will linebacker wl. Set up a ball and cones to show ol spots 2g, feet are shoulder width. The best linebackers must be agile, strong and quick enough to read and react to a play.

One is the outside linebacker olb, whose job is to tackle players, rush the passer, and sometimes drop back in coverage to prevent catches. There are two drills today that im going to use to emphasize the most important characteristics of a runstopping linebackers and the first one would be to defeat blocks. In this section, youll find our 25 favorite linebacker drills for speed, agility. There are four linebacker positions in alabama defensive coordinator kirby smarts defense. The strongside linebacker, or sam linebacker, is a versatile run and pass coverage backer in a 43 defense. The linebacker requires the most versatility of all the positions on the defensive side of the ball.

Typically when a defense goes to a 425 nickel defense, they. Backs may align or lean to side they are fakingpulling. The safeties make force calls to their side to determine who the force player is. On the strong side, the mike middle linebacker has the a gap, 3 tech dt the b gap, and the sam takes the c. Hat placement should be on the side of leverage linebackers leverage responsibility in the defensive scheme. B gap while the rest of the defense players give a. Linebacker simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The responsibilities of an outside linebacker can vary greatly based on defensive scheme and skills of the individual. The sam linebacker is responsible for c gap strong on runs to his side. The most important drill we do as linebackers is our reads drill. It requires football knowledge, strength, agility, and a good coach. As demonstrated in diagram 4, three offensive linemen to the call side are sliding to.

These are broken down into a weak side, strong side and middle linebacker. The strong side linebacker, or sam linebacker, is a versatile run and pass coverage backer in a 43 defense. He needs to provide strong run support and fill his gap on the run, but he also is required to drop in short zones in both cover 2 and cover 3. He motivates his teammates by his desire to be the best player he can be. Film cutup a group of plays lumped together for convenient film viewing purposes. Drills outside lb stance no te first 2 lbs setup over the spot outside the ot cones and get into perfect stance. We obviously need inside linebacker talent to win, but it is our opinion that technique is more important than scheme though we believe strongly in our scheme. These linebacker drills prepare him to do his best on stopping the run. The outside linebacker on the strong side of the formation is often referred to as the sam.

When player reaches the end of the bags, he then returns to the starting point, and finishes the drill with a hard fiveyard sprint. These 5 linebacker drills will get you better fast stack. Its packed with 27 solo and partner training drills for throwing, defending, ballhandling and scoring. Second is the term hook, which is the second underneath defender inside the cornerback. Stay square, head up and protect your out side leg. Hold stance and fire straight ahead on coachs command. A bearcat linebacker is tough, aggressive, and confident. Being the leader in the middle of the defense in football is no easy job, but somebody has to do it.

Our best overall linebacker is in the middle, our best athlete is our field linebacker and our next best linebacker is our short side linebacker. If youre looking for more athome football drills, check our our backyard football drills ebook. Linebacker drills to stop the run joe daniel football. Linebacker is not a position, it is a state of mind. Lb takes half step back with outside foot and narrows stance. The complete guide to outside linebacker drills postema. This can be done by having great vision, great footwork, and great.

A base 43 defense against a three wide receiver offense. A linebackers job is to back up defensive linemen on running plays and help cover pass receivers who are do wnfield on passing plays. At times, he will also play mantoman coverage on either the tight end or the number two or three receiver. Diagram 1 if there are two or more wide receivers to a side, the backer to that side splits the difference between the no. At the snap of the ball, the sam linebacker will blitz. Purpose here we look to attack the strong side of the formation, with the sam linebacker coming on a blitz to the. Once into the shuffle, player always maintains a great base with feet. These are broken down into a weakside, strongside and middle linebacker. Running backs widening alignment position to get easier release. Principles, progressions of the linebacker position. Two big points of emphasis crawl ons get to the pile. Inside is a mike linebacker that plays to the tight end, or strong side of the formation, and a willy linebacker that plays to the weak side of the formation.

Slide protection schemes and technique smart football. Usually, this is a guard but may be the tackle in some alignments. Jamal adams breaks down how to use presnap reads to make big plays nfl film session duration. Some of my favorite drills are box drills where you are constantly cutting at full speed. Using the offensive center the one who hikes the ball as the middle line, the strong side of an offense is the side where more players lined up with the offenses tight end usually among the strong side players. Where this is going to be important is when you play teams that run a lot of power and counter.

Since tackling is a linebackers main responsibility, the following five drills focus largely on that skill. They are responsible for stopping the run, covering the pass and rushing the passer. When designing your drills you should use the following words to help in. He must be able to stop the opponents running game, and he must put significant pressure on opposing quarterbacks. We can say this though, as a linebacker you need to be strong as hell, fast as hell, and mean as hell. To be a strong linebacker, you need to have speed, brains, strength and be a good team player. For a linebacker vs ol case, the lb plays back a yard or two and offset to one side of his blocker, to simulate a real situation. Below are outside linebacker drills for run stopping, pass coverage, pass rushing, and tackling. In a 43 defense, the middle linebacker mike is in strong a gap, the strong backer sam is in strong c gap, and the weak backer will is in weak b gap diagram 1. Linebacker drills for youth football developing great linebackers.

This means that unlike most linebackertype roles, which tend to send the mike to the strength of the offense, the money will rotate to both the strong and weak sides. Where they line up on the field is based on which position they play. Inside linebacker techniques and drills to develop them. They have major responsibilities defending the run and the pass. They must also be strong enough to defeat moving blockers and agile enough to make tackles in the open field. Everyday linebacker drills you need to be using afca insider. Lb boot camp youth football coaching football drills. The 53 defense offers balance and flexibility youth football. Both 34 inside linebackers and 43 middle linebackers have a similar role in the. To help with this, and to make things more confusing for people learning the basics of the game, the linebacker. Linebackers must be strong enough to take on a 300pound lineman and make a tackle, but they must also be elusive enough to drop into coverage and make a play on the ball. To be a great linebacker, it is essential to have a coach with strong football knowledge that can be transferred into the mind of the athlete.

The different linebacker positions are broken down by the alignment of the offense. The 53 defense features a nose guard, two defensive tackles, two defensive ends, a middle linebacker, a strong side linebacker, a weak side linebacker, two corners and a free safety. He will be involved in a gap exchange with the defensive end, who steps down to replace a down blocking tight end, and wrong arms the kick out blocker. Linebacker manual american football team sports scribd. Unfortunately, strong side linebacker doesnt exactly roll of the tongue. Sam is a common designation for strong outside linebacker, while the other position is usually called jack and is often a hybrid delb. Sean weatherspoon is an example of a strong side lb who can cover tes very well. The defensive end is one of the most important players on the football field. Sit in the film room with your linebacker and implement these drills and techniques into your linebacker routine and watch your linebackers grow and become a feared force. Qb takes excessive drop, gets too deep too quickly. In a cover 3, there is a strong side postsnap reduction where the defensive line slants on the weak side, while the sam lb blitzes the cgap.

As was previously mentioned, we incorporate cans as offensive linemen specifically, a center and both tackles. If the fullback shows hard flow strong, the mike linebacker heads towards the a gap strong diagram 2. Bearcat linebackers give great effort on game day, practice day, and workouts involving the weight room and conditioning aspects. Top 7 keys to coaching the complete linebacker afca insider. One defines a confined contact region 5 yards wide with practice bags. A linebacker is a defensive position in the game of american football. Usually, teams that run a 34 defense look for college defensive ends. Inside linebackers teaching reaction part 1 football toolbox. Today im going to talk to you about linebacker drills for stopping the run. How to be an excellent linebacker with pictures wikihow.

Sam linebacker has walked up to the line of scrimmage, ready to blitz the strong c gap. The default responsibility for the linebacker is to read and react to the open offensive lineman to the lbs side of the field. We know that you have found the right drills for your youth football team, and we hope you enjoy using them. Through the accumulation of this information i was able to. The inside and middle linebacker drills below are designed to build a complete leader to anchor the middle of the defense. The strong side linebacker is responsible for the te in coverage and will be the guy who controls the outside on strong side runs. At the snap of the ball, all linebackers must read the play and recognize it as a run or pass. At times, he will also play mantoman coverage on either. The weakside inside linebacker is typically called the will, while the strong side or middle inside linebacker is called the mike. Defensive line technique and the 43 over front shakin. Linebackers have a demanding role on the football field.

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